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Graduate Programs

IPSI is spearheading a couple of exciting educational initiatives aimed at helping to address the need for informed professionals. Below are a description of our graduate programs.

M.Eng. in Communications with Focus on Integrated Security Technologies

The Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering launched a new Professional Master of Engineering (M. Eng.) in Communications, within which students may focus their studies in Integrated Security Technologies.

Further information on the Master of Engineering program can be found at the ECE website, M.Eng. program. To apply for the program, click here.


M.I. with a Specialization in Identity, Privacy and Security

The Master of Information is a broad-based, inclusive program that offers information-focused fields of study from various disciplinary and professional viewpoints. Within this program, students may focus their studies in Identity, Privacy and Security, a joint program of the Faculty of Information and the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE).

Further information on the M.I. can be found at the Faculty of Information, Master of Information website. To apply for the program, click here.


Please notify IPSI of your interest in either program by contacting us. We can advise you on course selection.


Graduate Courses

The following graduate seminar course is required for completion of the programs listed above.

JIE1001 / ECE1518 "Seminar in Identity, Privacy and Security"

This interdisciplinary course examines issues of identity, privacy and security from a range of technological, policy and scientific perspectives, highlighting the relationships, overlaps, tensions, tradeoffs and synergies between them. Based on a combination of public lectures, in-depth seminar discussions and group project work, it will study contemporary identity, privacy and security systems, practices and controversies, with such focal topics as biometric identification schemes, public key encryption infrastructure, privacy enhancing technologies, identity theft risks and protections, on-line fraud detection and prevention, and computer crime, varying between offerings.

2017-2018 offering -- Winter 2018 Syllabus PDF