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M.I. Program


Master of Information, with a Specialization in Identity, Privacy and Security

Identity, privacy and security are a set of closely related socio-technical issues of growing importance in contemporary, networked society. The Identity, Privacy and Security Initiative at the University of Toronto was established to carry out a pioneering, interdisciplinary program of research, education, outreach, industry collaboration and technology transfer around the complex interplay of these focal issues. The overall goal of IPSI is to develop new approaches to security and identification that maintain the privacy, freedom and safety of the user and the broader community.

The Identity, Privacy and Security (IPS) curriculum is intended mainly for students who want to take the Identity, Privacy and Security specialization offered jointly by the Faculty of Information and the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE). To learn more about this specialized program, click here.

To apply for the Master of Information program, click here.

Requirements for Focused Studies
(Note: All courses may not be available in a given year. Please contact IPSI with any questions regarding course selection.)

General M.I. requirements apply.

IPS required courses

    • Required seminar course: JIE1001H/ECE1518H Seminar in Identity, Privacy and Security

    • 2 courses from IPS@FI:
      • INF2124H Surveillance and Identity
      • INF2181H Information Policy, Regulation, and Law (formerly Information Policy)
      • INF2165H Social Issues in Information and Communications Technologies
      • INF2241H Critical Making

    • 1 course from IPS@ECE:
      • ECE568H Computer Security
      • ECE1517H Biometric Systems
      • ECE1529H Adaptive Systems for Communication & Signal Processing
      • ECE1776H Computer Security, Cryptography and Privacy
      • ECE1778H Creative Applications for Mobile Devices

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