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IPSI 2010 Research Symposium

Wednesday, May 12, 2010
8:30 am-4:30 pm
Bahen Centre, University of Toronto
40 St. George Street, Room 1160

The theme for IPSI's 2010 Research Symposium is “Developing a trusted cyber-infrastructure for Canadians”. This recognizes that the internet and related digital networks now play a critical role on contemporary society. A well-functioning cyber infrastructure is taken for granted for a wide range of activities, but significant disruption and controversy arise when it doesn't work in the ways its numerous users expect it to. Many of the key technology challenges have been solved, but in their place are arising thorny problems for which purely technical approaches are inadequate. Beyond meeting basic performance criteria, varied stakeholders are placing complex and often competing demands on the cyber-infrastructure:

  • Can I shop on-line from anywhere, at any time, on any device I like, and still keep my money safe and secure?
  • Will my identity or civil liberties be compromised?
  • Can I share my personal information freely with my friends without it being used in harmful ways?

These and many similar issues are central to IPSI's mandate and may be summarized as "Can I trust the infrastructure to behave the way I want it to?" This Research Symposium takes up these questions from a suitably broad range of perspectives. It brings together academic researchers from disparate disciplines as well as experts from the private, public and civil society sectors in lively panel sessions to share research, offer insights and generally probe these challenges.


Presentations (please click on the link to view)

Keynote Presentation: The Future of Digital Identity
Speaker: Dr. Stefan Brands, Credentica

Panel Response and Discussion

Chair: Andrew Clement (Faculty of Information, IPSI)


  • Dr. Ann Cavoukian (Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario) - A time for innovation: A time for privacy by design
  • Ashish Khisti (Dept. of Electrical & Computer Engineering)
  • Guy Herriges (Office of the Chief Information and Privacy Officer, Ontario)
Session I: Protecting Identity and Privacy in Cyber-Infrastructure Use: Ubiquitous Surveillance, Anonymity and De-Identification

Chair: Konstantinos N. (Kostas) Plataniotis (Professor, Eletrical & Computer Engineering Director, Knowledge Media Design Institute & IPSI)


  • Ruth Vale (eHealth Ontario) - De-identifying personal health records
  • Peter Pennefather (Professor, Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy, Academic Director, Laboratory of Collaborative Diagnostics) - Designing personal health information systems for meaningful use: secret, private, or accurate? Pick two
  • Karl Martin (Dept. of Electrical & Computer Engineering) - Achieving privacy in a surveillance society
Session II: Developing Trust in Critical Cyber-Infrastructure: Open, Public, Social, Civil Networks??

Chair: Al Leon-Garcia (Dept. of Electrical & Computer Engineering)


  • Ron Deibert (Citizen Lab) - Detecting and disabling botnets
  • Lisa Austin (Faculty of Law, Centre for Innovation Law and Policy) - Lawful access and citizen protection
  • David Lie (Dept. of Electrical & Computer Engineering, IPSI) - Securing the cloud
Session III: Interdisciplinary Collaborative Research and Training: Bridging the Gaps

Chair: Dimitris Hatzinakos (Dept. of Electrical & Computer Engineering, IPSI)