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Identity, Privacy and Security Institute


The Identity, Privacy and Security Institute (IPSI) at the University of Toronto is dedicated to developing new approaches to security that maintain the privacy, freedom and safety of the individual and the broader community.

Established in the summer of 2007, the Institute strives to facilitate linkages between the diverse body of researchers working in this
area at University of Toronto and the national and international community.

IPSI is funded by the University of Toronto's Academic Initiatives

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IPSI is spearheading a number of exciting educational initiatives:

IPSI's research projects engage not only faculty and students at the University of Toronto but also public and private sector partners.

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Latest news and events:

  • IPSI SmartData International Symposium

  • IPSI Research Day - Proportionate Digital ID + Video Surveillance

  • EDITORIAL: Scanners a Good Move to Block Problem Gamblers